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Training Courses

A digital learning ecosystem tailored to your needs.

Startup Development Team
Professional Development

Enable your team to learn and leverage new skills in the workplace. These courses aim to boost performance, increase productivity, and improve overall job satisfaction amongst your employees.

Newsroom Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources

Learn the fundamentals of effective human resources—from recruiting talented team members to ensuring the success of existing employees. These courses will help strengthen the backbone of your organization.

Guest Services

Deliver the best service to your guests every day. These courses will teach your team members about the importance of offering gold star guest service at both the manager and employee levels, so you know you're always serving your clientele the best way.

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Prioritize workplace compliance and ensure your organization stays on the right side of the law. These courses cover topics like responsible gaming, safe alcohol service, sexual harassment, Title 31, and more, so you can avoid fines and other problems down the road.

Safety & Security

Create effective, employee-focused workplace safety strategies. These courses teach employees about using heavy machinery, reporting unsafe conditions, wearing the right protective gear, and more.

Business Foundations

Build a strong foundation for your business. These courses will teach you how to give your employees purpose and demonstrate the importance of investing in the continuous development of your organization.

Culture & Community

Be a better employee by becoming a better person. These courses help you explore different facets of yourself and those around you, so you can better understand your place in the world and how to make it a safe, supportive place for everyone.

Startup Development Team
Learning & Development

Fight complacency and take advantage of learning opportunities both in and out of the workplace. These courses present you with challenges and critical thinking skills, so you can continuously strive to be the best version of yourself.

Man with Digital Tablet
Personal Development

Be the best version of yourself every day. Through these courses, you will develop new skills to ensure you can be successful in the workplace as well as in every other aspect in your personal life.

Sales & Marketing

Empower your in-house marketing specialists with the newest technologies and strategies. This series dives into the nuances of sales and marketing, exploring the ins and outs of sales, social media, content creation, and more.

Supervisors & Managers

Foster personal growth, enhance your employees' skill sets, and ensure improvement across your entire organization. These courses will help your leaders become the best and most well-rounded versions of themselves.

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Workplace Essentials

Equip your team with everything they need to thrive in the workplace. These courses demonstrate how to implement a proper code of conduct, foster a respectful work environment, and set your employees up for success.

Wiser About Wysr

Set yourself and your company up for success. Learn all about how you can leverage WYSR to handle onboarding and ongoing training for company leaders and employees at every level.

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