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In addition to great training materials, we provide an entire suite of tools.

All of the features listed below are included in WYSR's base packages. 

Example of WYSR's Administrative pages generally used by the HR and Training teams.

WYSR Employee Portal

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Employees can easily navigate and explore training opportunities and take courses right on their phones or tablets. 

WYSR's training courses are mobile friendly and many are designed to be taken in 30 minutes or less.  Larger topics are broken down into manageable portions that are easy to be completed in a break or lunch period. 

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No downloads or apps required!

Our employee portal is a mobile-first website designed specifically for employee interactions.  

Your Team Members can explore training options available to them for professional growth and complete training assigned to them automatically by the training profiles.  

We also include our employee interaction tools such as the Survey and Feedback features.   

WYSR's Surveys, Assessments, and Questionnaires (SAQ) feature is an integral part of our array of tools.   

You can gather feedback from your  employees, or perform timely assessments of employees and give guidance and supportive feedback to encourage your team.

The SAQ module also includes Policy Acknowledgement with the ability for the team member to see and electronically accept important updates to policies.  No more tracking paper. 

Manage Policies and SOPs

WYSR provides centralized management of all company policies, including departmental SOPs.    This allows for you to maintain a singular source of all Company policies while still allowing a method for individual departments to create and maintain specific departmental policies and procedures.  

We also include Policy Management which takes the burden of issuing new or updated policies and getting acknowledgment from all employees individually.   By utilizing our SAQ module, you can issue a policy management SAQ that allows the employee to review the policy in the form of a PDF before completing the acknowledgment.

Provide Employee Recognition

Positive Feedback and Awards

Building an Employee Recognition program is a snap with WYSR's Feedback and Recognition tools.   Supervisors have a portal feature allowing instant positive or constructive feedback.    

With positive remarks, supervisors can issue badges and points that employees can exchange for gifts or experiences (completely customizable and at your discretion). 


Track Employee Certifications & Licenses

Tracking numerous licensing requirements for your entire team can be daunting.  WYSR helps by allowing team members to upload documentation that your team and review and approve.  

WYSR sends warnings and reminders when certifications are nearing expiration to give ample notice to start the renewal process.  

Automate via Training Profiles 

Training Profiles Drive Automation

With Training Profiles, WYSR can automatically assign training courses without your team having to lift a finger.  Training Profiles are easy to set up and assign training courses based on employment status, job codes, or department assignments.  

For example, you could create an Alcohol Awareness profile, and anyone who has a job code of bartender, server, barback, or anyone position that interacts with alcohol is automatically assigned the appropriate training. 

This will save your staff time from having to set up training needs manually.


Mass Assign Training

Getting the word out

When needed, WYSR lets you assign a training course to a specific job code, group of job codes, department, or the entire company will ease.   We never know when we'll need to get the message out on a new process or procedure urgently.  

During COVID, we needed to relay new sanitation and masking procedures to everyone quickly.  The ability to assign a course to a large group can be completed with Mass Assign.

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