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Leverage our training courses with an entire suite of tools at your fingertips.

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WYSR Employee Portal

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Straightforward Employee Platform

Explore available training opportunities, complete courses, track progress, leverage feedback, and more all within the employee portal.


Our site facilitates employee interactions, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Plus, its mobile-friendly design makes cross-platform navigation a breeze on smart phones and tablets.


To top it off, the WYSR employee portal does not require any downloads or an external apps.

Efficient Training Courses

Your team can complete an individual training course in 30 minutes or less, allowing them to progress through lessons without causing too much disruption to their daily routine.


We break down complex topics into manageable lessons that your employees can learn on the go!


Plus, you can continue your learning with our collection of express courses, each of which should take approximately 10 minutes each.

Convenient SAQ Features

Our Surveys, Assessments, and Questionnaires (SAQ) features allow you to conduct regular performance assessments and manage policy records for your business—all within one centralized management system.

Through our Policy Acknowledgement tool, employees will also be able to review and accept important updates on the fly, too. 

Streamlined Policy & SOP Management

Through our centralized management system, you’ll be able to maintain a single source of all company policies and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). 


Additionally, employees can view and accept policy and company updates electronically, so you don’t have to spend time sending notices manually.

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Positive Feedback & Awards

WYSR’s Feedback and Recognition tools make it easy to build a unique employee recognition program, so you can reward your team members and provide constructive feedback in a timely manner.


Issue badges, points, gifts, trips, or anything in between to employees when you want to reward them. Our employee recognition resources are completely customizable.

Organized Space for Employee Certifications & Licenses

Your employees can upload their own certifications, licenses, and more so you can track everything through WYSR’s portal.


Our program makes it easy to stay organized and will even remind you when certifications are nearing expiration dates, so ensure everyone renews everything in a timely manner.

Automated SMART Profiles

WYSR automatically assigns training courses to your team by using set training profiles based on employment status, job code, department, or whatever other descriptor you want to use. That way, you can assign courses to the correct teams more efficiently whenever they require updated training.


You can also leverage our Mass Assign function to assign training courses by job code, group of codes, department, or company. This way, you can get the message out to everyone as quickly and easily as possible.

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