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WYSR Introduces New 

Express Courses

Some courses require a lot of time, but who has four hours to dedicate? Our new Express Courses deliver professional learning in quick, easy-to-manage segments.

Custom -Designed Courses for Your Company.

You know your company and industry; we understand how to create and deliver training.  

We work with your team to create training solutions.  Our instructional designers then create training to drive performance.

WYSR Adds New

Recruiting Tools

WYSR's innovative recruiting tools complement your existing HRIS systems.

We help attract the best people with WYSR innovative recruiting solutions that tell the story of what your company has to offer.


Training solutions that empower employees to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Is your employee training program transformational and relevant? Is it helping to build employee confidence and provide an improved customer experience? Does it develop a community of learners with a vested interest in the business's success?


WYSR works with companies to craft training experiences that are real-world and hands-on so that learners can be customer ready on the first day of work. Our flexible courseware and continuously growing library of training content do not stop at compliance–they turn employees into professionals.

Driving Performance Through Customer and Employee Satisfaction

When team members feel confident and informed about their work it shows. WYSR sets employees up for success with comprehensive training products so that they can provide the very best customer experience. Earn customers for life through interactions with team members that love what they do



Get your copy of our latest training solutions guide.

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