Creating an Educational Journey


What is WYSR?

Its a comprehensive set of tools that brings a richer,  more engaging eLearning experience.   Our interactive portal can keep your employees current with training needs and important feedback.

Where is WYSR?

Cloud hosted, so there's no hardware or long installation times.   

When is WYSR?

It's right now.  Our quick start implementation can go as fast as you can.   We provide a template on topics and can assist with creating your content, such as videos.  

WYSR Extends Your Human Resources
and Training Teams

What is Preboarding ?

With WYSR's preboarding capabilities, you create

a consistent, recruitment workflow   


Begin with introducing your history and culture


Describe your benefits 


Help potential employees understand the hiring process

Set Expectations

Provide the forms and messaging on documentation required for the  hiring process, such as I9 and background checks. 

The Grand Tour

Ditch the nickel tour! WYSR gives them a consistent first-day message.   Where to park, security, & more. 

Welcome them!

First day messaging and an overview of proper attire, and important policy matters. 

Coffee Shop

Driving Performance 
Through Customer and Employee Satisfaction

With WYSR we can help drive both Employee and Customer satisfaction with our training products.  

When employees feel confident and informed, they improve their customer interactions and outcomes.    This leads to both higher customer satisfaction rates and ultimately higher employee retention.  



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