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Are you giving your team members the best chance at success? 

The best way to know is to have training, onboarding, and performance solutions that allow you to train your team members, track their progress, and meet every individual's needs in the most convenient manner. 

The good news? Those solutions exist, and WYSR provides them! 


In this article, we'll explain the advantages of eLearning, onboarding, and performance solutions like those we offer here at WYSR and how you can start paving the path toward better employee learning and retention for your business.  


More specifically, we'll be answering these five questions that you're going to ask yourself when it comes time to incorporate proper training, onboarding, and performance solutions into your company routine: 


  • Why Should I Choose Online Training? 

  • Where Do I Start? 

  • What Types of Employee Training Should I Offer? 

  • What Should the Training Courses Include? 

  • What are My Next Steps? 


1. Why Online Training? 

The advantages of online training are plentiful, making it a great option for organizations in any industry. In addition to saving your business time and money when compared to in-person, instructor-led training, online training also benefits your employees. 

For starters, eLearning: 

  • Allows for Collaboration Around the World 

  • Fits Your Team Members' Busy Schedules 

  • Let's You Track Your Team's Performance & Provide Feedback 

  • Offers Scalable Solutions & Easy Accessibility 

  • Provides Employees with Continuous Access to Resources 

  • Reduces Learning Time & Improves Retention 

…and so much more! 


So, why is eLearning so much more cost-effective, anyway? By having your team complete training courses online, you can eliminate the need for training space, travel, catering, and learning materials. 

Moreover, online modules make training much faster, so you can spend less time in traditional training and more time growing your business.  


2. Where Do I Start? 

The first step in improving your business is finding the right platform that meets all your needs. At WYSR, we offer custom solutions tailored to you and your business. Whether you want standard training, onboarding, and professional development courses or custom coursework for specific teams, we can make it happen.  

You can explore our library of courses to understand better the possibilities you can have at your fingertips. 


3. What Kind of Training Should I Offer? 

Depending on your business needs, you can offer many types of training to new employees and current team members alike. Some of the most common categories include: 


  • Human Resources 

  • Guest Services 

  • Business Foundations 

  • Culture and Community 

  • Compliance  

  • Workplace Essentials 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Professional Development  

  • Personal Development  


Within those categories are endless courses to explore—all of which can benefit your employees in their positions at your company and in their personal lives, too. The best part is that strengthening your employees' skill sets will help them and your business succeed. 


4. What Should the Training Courses Include? 

Online training gives your team members more freedom to complete their coursework in their own time. Since you won't be providing constant oversight to your employees during their training, it's important to be confident that the courses offer what they need to succeed.  


Spoiler alert: WYSR can do all this and more! 

5. What do I do next? 

We've barely scratched the surface of the amazing benefits an effective online training, onboarding, and employee performance program can bring to your business. While you might be feeling excited, it's normal to also feel a tad overwhelmed. 


Don’t stress-making the next move is a breeze when you have WYSR by your side. Before you dive in, let us guide you through our entire platform with a quick and effortless demo. And if you're short on time, we've got express courses designed to give you a glimpse into the heart of our training and onboarding solutions. 



Regardless of your company's stage, prioritizing employee development is consistently wise, and with WYSR, it's effortlessly achievable. 


Book Your Free Demo Today!




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