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Human Resources

Learn all the fundamentals in becoming an effective HR employee, from how to recruit talented team members, to assisting in the growth of current employees. Your HR team is part of the backbone of your organization - keep their skills up to date with our human resources course series.

Anger Management: Understanding Anger

Want to learn how to handle difficult situations and challenging coworkers? Become a more effective and empathetic HR professional with our course on understanding anger. This course provides the tools to communicate constructively, identify ways to help people manage their anger, and help break negative patterns.

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Appreciative Inquiry

Discover the power of organizational change and transform your workplace culture with our appreciative inquiry course. Master the fundamentals of the appreciative inquiry process, as well as the 4 D's that help you achieve change. You'll work through each step of the process to help your organization collectively become its best self.

Building Better Teams

Take your team’s productivity and success to the next level today! This specialized course helps you identify team player styles, how those styles can be used effectively within a team, and how to build team trust – all great tools to help a team work together and exceed expectations.

Business Succession Planning

Never let unexpected changes or issues disrupt your business! Guarantee the stability of your business with the development of an invaluable, reliable business succession plan. Our e-learning course helps identify key elements of a succession plan, showcases the value of such a plan, and discusses the roles, responsibilities, function, scope, and evaluation a plan would require.

Cannabis and the Workplace

As the cannabis industry grows in the era of legalization, so does the need for HR professionals to understand cannabis – especially when it comes to legality and potential issues in the workplace. Our comprehensive course informs you of cannabis effects, how to recognize impairment, and the legal rights of employers and employees when it comes to the psychoactive plant.

Closing the Generational Gap

Bridge the gap and maximize your team’s potential with our crash course on closing the generational gap in the workforce. Understand and manage generational differences, as well as explore organizational strategies that help overcome the gap with our toolkit. Improve your team’s productivity, retention, and collaboration with a few simple tips.

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Completely take the stress out of performance reviews with our expert-led course on conducting valuable employee performance reviews. Give your employees the quality feedback they deserve by helping set standards and goals, developing productive feedback, and creating a legally defensible review process that benefits both the organization and employe

Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace

Conflict is inevitable, but how it is handled determines if it makes or breaks your workplace. Our course equips you with the five most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them, mastering the art of effective intervention strategies. Don’t let workplace conflicts drain morale and create unnecessary drama – instead, confidently navigate and resolve conflicts when they come up.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

There are many reasons to want to create a positive work environment, including employee happiness increasing on average by 33%, as well as employee turnover decreasing by an average of 58%! Learn the key elements necessary to create and maintain a positive work environment with our expert-led seminar.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Embrace the richness of cultural diversity in the workplace, creating a more comfortable, inclusive environment for all. This course provides the tools to grasp the power of diversity as a tool for creativity and productive collaboration in the workplace. From understanding implicit bias, to promoting equitable practices, we’ll help you foster a workplace culture of respect, collaboration, and belonging.

Employee Dispute Resolution

Proper employee recognition is one of the most effective ways to keeping your team happy and motivated. Develop and implement a proper employee recognition program easily with our crash course, ensuring your employees feel valued and appreciate

Hiring the Right People

Hiring can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you’re struggling to find the perfect candidate. But it doesn’t have to be – our course helps your organization develop a fair and consistent interviewing process, ensuring time, resources, and money are all being used as efficiently as possible.

Mobbing in the Workplace

Targeted workplace harassment can have serious consequences for individuals and organizations alike. Our course provides proper guidance for identifying the direct cause of toxic workplace behavior, how it differs from individual bullying, and actions to take as an organization to halt mobbing in the workplace.


Lead your new hires on the path to success with a comprehensive onboarding program, providing numerous benefits to your organization, including improved retention, productivity, and communication. This modern approach reduces time-intensive HR tasks and easily facilitates a fast, compliant way for new employees to start work.

Orientation: Getting Employees Off to a Good Start

First impressions matter – especially in the workplace! Give your new employees the best orientation possible with a comprehensive program, familiarizing them with company culture, policies, and goals. Invest in your employee's success, increasing engagement and reducing turnover.

Performance Management

Take your organization’s performance to new heights by properly managing your team’s performance. Provide your team with tools to set and achieve goals, while developing a three-phase model guaranteed to help prepare employees for peak performance. Activate your team’s inner motivation, improving overall communication and collaboration

Progressive Discipline

Transform employee performance challenges into opportunities for growth and education with the development of a strict, progressive discipline policy. Our course is designed to help your organization craft a policy, covering everything from performance management, appropriate levels of discipline, and methods to communicate such a policy to your team.

Skills for the New Employee

Don’t let nerves or anxiety hold you back when beginning a new job. Build the key skills you need to thrive at your workplace, including how to maintain a professional appearance and positive attitude, properly manage stress, and communicate

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Stress Management

Stressed out and struggling to manage, or feeling burnt out at work? This course provides expert knowledge on improving your well-being, including techniques to manage stress, how to develop action plans to help stay balanced, and ways to build resilience. Learn how to achieve success without sacrificing your mental health.

Successfully Managing Change

In today’s fast paced business world, with technologically always evolving, change is the only constant. Thrive in the face of change with our course dedicated to helping adapt, navigate change successfully, and identifying strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace.

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Talent Management

Unlock the secrets to managing and nurturing talent within your organization with our comprehensive e-learning course. Learn how to identify and develop high-potential employees, apply competency-based management principles, and master the language of talent management to achieve success in today's competitive business world.

Transgender Employees

Ensure your organization is a safe, supportive, inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of gender identity. Address personal and societal biases, misconceptions, and choices with our expert-led course on implementing an inclusive workplace.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias can be a barrier to workplace diversity and inclusion, but it doesn’t have to be. Practice the tools and techniques for identifying and reducing personal and workplace unconscious bias, leading to a fairer, more successful workplace.

Workplace Harassment

Harassment has no place in the workplace – create a respectful environment for your team by learning how to identify, prevent, and respond to harassment, as well as developing a harassment policy, understanding what role you can play in the remediation process.

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