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The importance of impressive hospitality cannot be understated, with studies showing that humans pay more for a better customer experience. Ensure you are delivering this experience to your guests with our hospitality course series, introducing and reiterating industry-wide standards to your employees.

Essentials of Customer Service

You’ve heard the term thousands of times before – customer service. What exactly constitutes exceptional customer service? Find out with our crash course and master the essentials of customer service, how to demonstrate confidence and skill as a problem solver, and effective techniques for dealing with difficult customers.

Managing Customer Service

It has been proven that the customer service experience improves greatly when investments are made in your workforce, creating engaged, happy employees. This course helps you identify the best ways to establish links between excellent customer service and your business practices and policies, helping you identify what truly makes employees committed and developing implementation strategies to do so.

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 1

In the first part of our extensive responsible alcohol service training course, we go over state liquor laws, identifying intoxicated individuals and minors, techniques for slowing down service, and how to properly follow all the rules that come with working as a licensed alcohol server. This course introduces must-know terminology and prepares you for the next five sessions, ranging from health effects, differences between a real and fake ID, and how to navigate situations with obviously intoxicated individuals

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 2

Part two of the responsible alcohol service training course focuses on the effects of alcohol – from long-term health consequences due to constant alcohol ingestion, how alcohol interacts with each of your organs, how alcohol impairs drivers and the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 3

In part three of our responsible alcohol service training course, embark on a deep dive in the world of identification cards – learn the most reliable methods for verifying a proper ID, understand the vast differences between a real and a fraudulent ID, and learn how to acquire a licensee certification card

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 4

In part four of our alcohol service training course, we focus on problem drinkers, and the potential issues that can be caused by these individuals in a bar, restaurant, or similar setting. Learn the signs of intoxication problem drinkers display, while mastering how to maneuver many types of situations with obviously intoxicated individuals.

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 5

Part five of our responsible alcohol service training course encapsulates the most important points of the legislation written into law that’s aimed toward keeping commercial establishments that sell alcohol responsible. These laws, called ‘Dram Shop laws’, help servers understand when they could potentially be held liable for serving to obviously intoxicated individuals, and it’s of the upmost importance to know these rules by heart.

Responsible Alcohol Service Training: Part 6

The final, part six of our responsible alcohol service training, focuses on how businesses can become qualified to eventually serve alcohol to its patrons. Determine what exactly a qualified vs. unqualified business means when it comes to alcohol, the signs that qualified vendors must display, the importance of public safety liquor laws, and the best rules to implement in a business that serves alcohol.

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