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First Impressions are a two-way street

WYSR is changing how you recruit in the highly competitive labor market. 

Our new recruiting tools allow your organization to market itself to potential employees in a new and modern way.   

The implementation is shockingly easy.  We give you a small form that is easily included on your website.  We even give you the code in various formats so your team can easily add it.  And that’s it, no programming, no designers. 


On the form, the only information it asks for is the perspective employee’s name and email address.    And we take it from there.   We’ll send the requestor an email with a link to the materials.   It’s up to them to click the link.  


We’ll also have a link to unsubscribe as well in case further communications are not desired.

Within WYSR, you’ll be able to see all the names and email addresses of people who requested the information packet.   If they don’t unsubscribe, we’ll send a reminder in approximately 48 hours if they do not review the materials. 

We help you tell a story...

WYSR works with your team to create a comprehensive introduction to your organization.  We’ll provide you with a template and guide to follow.  Then our designers and writers will work with your team to create a fantastic first impression.

What makes a good impression to a perspective employee? 

Companies can attract employees by offering a range of benefits, including:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits: Offering a competitive salary and benefits package is one of the most important ways to attract employees.

  • Opportunities for growth and development: Providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow within the company can make the company a more attractive place to work.

  • Flexibility: Allowing employees to have a flexible schedule or work from home can be a major attraction for many job seekers.

  • A positive work-life balance: Encouraging a healthy work-life balance by offering paid time off, wellness programs, and other benefits can help attract and retain employees.

  • A great company culture: Creating a positive company culture that values its employees and creates a sense of belonging can be a major draw for job seekers.

  • A clear mission and values: Clearly communicating the company's mission and values can help attract employees who are aligned with the company's goals and purpose.

  • Community involvement: Demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community through charitable work or volunteer programs can be an attractive factor for employees.

Why Pre-Boarding ?

Pre-boarding starts when you reach out to the individual and give them the good news that they have been selected for the position.   Everyone is excited; the new recruit and you, for filling a much-needed position.​

Using WYSR's tools, you send the new recruit a link for them to review.   At this stage, we will educate them on the process before their start date. 


This can include information about licensing requirements, including any needed forms and links.  And an estimate of how long this process can take to complete.  

​You can also include information to educate them on various benefits and costs for health care or other benefits.  

​If the position requires a uniform, include how to complete that process.  Otherwise, a good idea to touch on appearance standards.    

​Lastly, we add a section on their first day.  This includes where to park, which door to enter, and how to inform the security office that you need to see an Human Resource representative.

First day and on-boarding

Why we think this is important. 

We’re all busy.  We occasionally get new employees between meetings and emails and reviewing the prior day’s results.  We’re thrilled that a position gets filled and depend on Human Resources to get them on board.  But the reality is that HR can only go so far. 


See if this sounds familiar.  HR tells us that our new recruit has completed their paperwork and is ready to start work.   You or someone on your team must get them and bring them to the department.   It doesn’t matter if it’s in IT, facilities maintenance, or a new bar back for the lounge.  


We extend a welcoming hand and do the nickel tour.  Now reality sets in.  We inevitably depend on the other team members, often the new employee’s peers, to “show them the ropes.”


They tend to attach themselves to someone for a day or two.  Where are the restrooms?   Where should I park?  Do I need to wear this badge all time? 


There’s no consistency in the first-day messaging.  Policies are delineated or better diluted down as the teller understands them.   

The game plan

Creating a great introduction is easy with WYSR’s tools.   Using 4K videos and smiling faces are the best way to start.  Our team at WYSR will help you deliver a stellar first day.


Here are a few of the videos and topics we recommend:


An Introduction...


This is a short video where you welcome your latest employee to the company.   This message will build enthusiasm and excitement.


A shorter welcome message generally from the General Manager or the leader of Human Resources .  This will help new team members to start identifying management team members.  


Next, we recommend a video montage or a series of images about the property.  First, we’ll explore the back-of-the-house areas, such as where timeclocks are located.   (Feel free to include a short video on the timeclock’s operation), locker and rest rooms and any employee dining area.   


If appropriate, show the location, any details on smoke break areas, and related policies.  


Now we’ll explore the various venues and locations throughout the property.   


You can go as in-depth on each venue as you wish and time allows.  You could give details on the food offerings or the hours of operation.  You can include whether a venue is casual dining, or is bar food only, or if alcoholic beverages are offered. 


If you’re a casino customer, it might be appropriate to include casino operation basics, such as notifying security if you suspect an underage patron is on or near the gaming floor. 

Better yet, this is a great opportunity to also include various policies such as absentees and tardiness, or setting apparel and grooming standards.   How many times have we seen an un-ironed shirt?


The options are endless. 


The best thing is that it is consistent.  It doesn’t vary depending on who’s relaying the information.  And best of all, it’s repeatable and measurable.


Creating success 

Our training doesn’t stop on the first day.   Whether a team member needs help with personal or professional skills, we have that covered.  


Our personal skills include subjects such as


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