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How to Turn New Hires into Thriving Team Members with WYSR: 5 Essential Tips for Your Onboarding

Women shaking hand with co-worker on her first day at work.

Onboarding new employees is more than just filling out paperwork and giving a tour of the office. It’s an opportunity to set the tone for their experience at your company, ensuring they feel welcomed, valued, and prepared to contribute from day one. But how can you make your onboarding process not just effective but exceptional? Think of onboarding as planting a garden. The way you nurture and care for your new hires in those first few days and weeks will determine how they grow and flourish within your company. How do you currently prepare for a new employee’s first day? 

Enter WYSR, your go-to platform for transforming ordinary onboarding into an extraordinary journey. With WYSR, you can seamlessly integrate engaging content, interactive activities, and personalized training modules that resonate with new hires. Imagine an onboarding process where new employees not only understand their roles but also feel a deep connection to your company’s culture and values. Sounds amazing, right? Here are five steps, powered by WYSR, to guide you through creating an impactful onboarding experience that benefits your new hires and your organization. Let’s dive in and discover how WYSR can make your onboarding process truly exceptional! 



1. Pre-Arrival Preparation 

Have you ever considered how a new employee feels before entering the door? The pre-arrival preparation step is crucial as it can make a significant difference to their first-day experience. Ensure they have all necessary equipment, documentation, access to systems, and a clear agenda for their first day. A welcome email or package can go a long way in making them feel part of the team even before they start. Additionally, introduce WYSR in your onboarding presentation to show new hires what they will use as their central hub from the start. WYSR is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline communication, training, and development within your organization. Give new hires a short preview so they are familiar with their employee portal and learn to check it once a day for any company-wide updates, events, and notifications. WYSR will be their go-to resource for accessing important documents, completing training modules, and staying informed about company news. This early introduction helps new employees feel connected and engaged, setting a positive tone for their journey with your company. 



2. Structured Orientation Program 

A structured orientation helps new employees understand the company culture, policies, and their role within the organization. Gone are the days of boring, long orientations that don’t get anyone excited about joining. Instead, think of orientation as your first stop of engaging pit stops on a road trip of development. Spread the information over a few days or weeks, making each stop fun and interactive with elements like Q&A sessions, team-building activities, and tours. With WYSR, you can design your entire onboarding experience on our platform, transforming it into an engaging adventure. Add quizzes, activities, and interactive content to keep new hires excited and attentive. Including videos and dynamic presentations ensures they stay engaged and retain information better. 


How engaging is your current orientation program? What fun, interactive elements could you add to make it even better? 


3. Mentorship and Support System 

Do you remember how it felt to start a new job without enough support? Assigning a mentor to a new hire can significantly impact their transition, offering guidance, answering questions, and providing a friendly face within the organization. Regular check-ins help address concerns and provide ongoing support, making mentorship a powerful tool for integrating continuous training into onboarding. Companies with mentoring programs see a 50% higher retention rate than those without. For example, pairing a new marketing associate with a seasoned manager can offer personalized advice and hands-on learning, fostering job satisfaction and growth. 


4. Training and Development 

Effective onboarding includes thorough training tailored to the new employee’s role, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job efficiently. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, incorporate formal training sessions and hands-on learning experiences to cater to different learning styles. For example, you might use interactive online modules for formal instruction and real-world projects or shadowing opportunities for hands-on learning. Use platforms like WYSR to create engaging, interactive training sessions that employees can complete at their own pace or set deadlines for accountability. WYSR allows you to monitor their completion and assign specific courses based on their position, ensuring targeted and relevant training. Personalized training boosts employee performance and enhances job satisfaction and retention. Remember, nearly 75% of employees say a lack of development opportunities prevents them from reaching their full potential​. Investing in comprehensive and engaging training programs is critical to fostering a motivated and capable workforce. 


5. Feedback and Improvement 

Gathering feedback from new employees about their onboarding experience is crucial. This helps identify what’s working and what needs improvement, ensuring the onboarding process remains dynamic and relevant. For example, using WYSR, you can easily collect and analyze feedback through surveys and polls. WYSR's platform allows you to create customized feedback forms that new hires can complete at various stages of their onboarding. By regularly reviewing this data, you can make informed adjustments to your process. Did you know that companies who actively seek employee feedback experience 14.9% lower turnover rates​? This proactive approach makes new hires feel valued and continually enhances the onboarding experience for future employees. 


WYSR: Your Onboarding Solution 

Effective onboarding sets the stage for a new employee’s success within your company. Remember your first day at a new job—was it smooth and welcoming, confusing and overwhelming? 


Let WYSR help you create a seamless and impactful onboarding experience. 

We understand the challenges of efficiently and effectively onboarding new employees. Our platform is designed to streamline onboarding, ensuring consistency and organization. With WYSR, you can create tailored onboarding programs that free up your time and provide new hires with a structured, engaging experience. From pre-arrival preparation to training and feedback, WYSR helps you cover all the bases.  


So, how will you improve your onboarding process today? Let WYSR be your partner in creating that experience for your new hires. Contact us for a personalized demo for your company.  



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