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Team of professionals welcome a new employee onto the team.

The better way to onboard.

Make a lasting impression with WYSR's cutting-edge recruitment and onboarding solutions. Our automated and integrated onboarding process ensures a consistent and comprehensive introduction for new hires, covering crucial information such as company history, employee dining facilities, break areas, and parking guidelines. Equipping new team members with this essential knowledge promotes swift integration, enhances team morale, and drives productivity.


Transform the way you recruit in the highly competitive labor force! Market your company in a new and modern way, showcasing your great company culture and benefits to attract top talent.


Our preboarding process provides clear and concise explanations of the hiring process, documentation requirements, and any necessary licensing. Set your new hire up for success. 


Customized e-learning provides new hires a consistent introduction, introducing the property, information on badging, employee parking, scheduling, and more.

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Why invest in effective preboarding?

Close to 20% of new hires end up quitting their job within the first 45 days or less. Prevent this phenomenon with a streamlined preboarding process set in place. Implementing such helps alleviate a new hire's first day fears, equipping them with the tools to be up and running quickly, driving engagement and retention.

Benefits of an automated preboarding process:

By implementing an automated, efficient preboarding and onboarding process, you reduce hiring costs and manual interactions, minimizing chances of errors in data entry or other inefficiencies in the hiring process. When equipping your new hire with key information, integration into their team becomes much easier, boosting productivity.

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Customized, curated content dedicated to your organization.

Our e-learning courses provide new hires with a comprehensive introduction to your organization, including valuable information on company history, protocols, and facilities. Through engaging videos and interactive learning modules, new employees will gain a better understanding of your organization's values and mission, as well as practical information about employee dining rooms, breaks, parking, and more. Our experienced team works closely with yours to ensure that the e-learning courses are customized to meet your specific needs, providing new hires with a fantastic first impression of your organization.

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